5 Step Digital Marketing Strategy for COVID-19

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Step 1: Website checkup

Answer the question: Is your website working as hard as you?

Check if it does the following:

  • Maintains a relationship with existing clients
  • Builds trust with potential clients
  • Strengthens your brand
  • Influences purchasing decisions
  • Increases profit

Let’s put your website to the test:
Responsiveness & Speed test – use Google to test your site: thinkwithgoogle.com/feature/testmysite/

5 second test – your site should clearly answer three questions:

  1. What is the name of your company?
  2. What do you sell
  3. What’s your value?

TRUNK test – print out a random page on your site, hold it at arm’s length, circle the following:

  • Site Name or Logo
  • Page Name
  • Navigation

Don’t forget:

  • People are busy
  • Don’t make them hunt for information
  • Write short, easy to read paragraphs
  • Use bullet points
  • Headlines tell viewers where they are
  • Important things should be prominent (but not TOO prominent)

Step 2: Immediate impact

  • Use responsive banners to communicate updates
    • Focus on the customer experience
    • Value for COVID-19 / statement on social issues
  • Pop-ups for quick sign-ups or promotions
    • Order delivery! Book a table! Free download!

Make a clear Call to Action

An experience that prompts a visitor to…DO SOMETHING

  • Make a purchase
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Provide an email
  • Pick up the phone
  • and so much more

You can have multiple CTA’s, but one should be primary.

…and think through the steps following the CTA 

  • Be clear and concise!
  • What’s going to happen when they…
    • fill out a contact form?
    • buy something online?
    • sign up for a newsletter?

Step 3: Consistent brand communication

  • Don’t be silent, be strategic
    • Opportunity to lead and uplift the community
  • As things change, keep your customers updated
    • Speaking of…email marketing open rates are on the rise

Promote Diversity, Inclusion & Community

  • Show the action of your brand
  • Stock photos with different ethnicities, genders, ages, etc
  • Careers webpage – inclusion and fair interview policies
  • Highlight the non-profit organizations and causes you support


  • Take creative leaps
  • Promote new collaborations, partnerships, community efforts
  • Try new cross-marketing efforts, live streaming apps
  • Focus on the VALUE
  • Engage your audience with a healthy dose of empathy


    • Capitalize on emotional risks
      • Steer clear of puns, memes, jokes
      • Anything anxiety inducing

71% of people will abandon a brand they perceive as putting profits before people.

Edelman 2020

Step 4: New content formats

Always try something new, some suggestions:

  • Facebook Live
  • Online webinars
  • Youtube vlogging
  • TikTok ads
  • Podcasts (great when you have a face for radio)

Where to go

  • Find out where your customers hang out  
  • Focus your efforts 
  • Don’t try to be everywhere because of hype 
  • Determine whether your content is relevant to your audience

Step 5: Build strategic content

These strategic pieces of content help you build a relationship with your customers without even meeting them in person. The goal is for your website to build a reputation digitally.

  1. Media Icons – “As Seen In” or “Featured In” sections
  2. Testimonials – Give potential customers insight
  3. Awards – It’s OK to show off!
  4. Memberships and Affiliations – Who you know

FAQs, Resources, Knowledge Base

  1. Consolidate common questions or information in ONE place
  2. Bring efficiency to your day to day
  3. Allow your brand personality or expertise to shine
  4. Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and rank for long tail keywords