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A Bit About Us


In 2016, Colleen Kinsey quit her job as a technical project manager, sold all of her possessions, and put on a backpack. Colleen traveled around the world, to 25 countries, and back again while supporting herself through website development.

Colleen decided to start Kinseyco, because she saw how small business owners were struggling to create and maintain responsive, mobile-friendly websites to promote their business. She wanted to change what people think when they hear “Iowa web designer.” Colleen’s goal is to alleviate the pain points of building a website, while letting her clients do what they do best – continue running their business.

iowa web designer

Kinseyco offers all the services that you need to create your perfect website. From custom designed websites to get the exact look you’re going for, to carefully crafted graphics to catch your customer’s eye, to digital marketing services, which allows your voice to come alive through the computer screen.

We also offer WordPress fixes, when you’ve got a glitch or need an update to your site, and consulting services. If you need a second opinion on your website, Kinseyco is an unbiased resource to get you the answers you need.