Happe Homes

About the project

Happes Homes is a digital platform that allows customers to buy, build, rent and remodel houses.

About the customer

Happe Homes is a company that designs, builds, and remodels houses in central Iowa. A member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines, they design high-quality homes, at a fair price, with a customer-centric philosophy.


To better showcase their portfolio of homes, we’ve chosen a neutral color palette. We added filters to the house sorting function, removed the red color from the branding, and updated the fonts.


The company was seeking a solution to enhance and supplement the traditional sales process with advanced technological features. Happe Homes wanted to redesign the website and customize the search features while also offering a home building app, allowing users to design their future home.

The search for land and homes was connected with the IDXbroker platform. Its plugins weren’t compatible with modern technology so full customization was impossible.


To prepare the website for updates, we created the IDX broker bundle module to connect the platform via API. As a result, the database search became available.

With the help of PHP (Framework Symfony), we realized the business logic in adding the order and cost calculation for real estate for customers. Using React JS and Symfony, Kinseyco developed the Home Builder app, where the user can choose the neighborhood and floor plan preference. The admin section has a feedback form for better lead generation.

The rent feature is fully customized, applying React JS. Now customers can filter house data by price, date, and city. Thanks to server-side rendering, the website works notably faster than a standard request-response model, allowing for better SEO optimization.

The development was carried out according to the latest standards
Industry Service Industry
Methodology Scrum
Engagement model Time and material
Team Frontend developer 1, Backend developer 1, QA engineer 1, Designer 1, Project Manager 1
Technologies PHP Symfony framework, ReactJS, PostgreSQL, Doker
Industry Industry
All the information the customer requires is sent automatically via the contact form, including the cost calculation. In the event that no sale is made, the manager can specify the reason for that.


With the new section for rent and the home builder app, the client spends less time searching for accommodation. The modern, intuitive design attracts new users and improved SEO optimization generates more leads.