Iowan Woman Breaks Barriers in Technology from USA to Belarus to India


Web development company, Kinseyco, finds success with virtual team

West Des Moines, Iowa – Digital marketing agency Kinseyco has found success by building an international, virtual workforce. Rather than hiring a local team, Kinseyco has teamed up with creative female experts around the globe. Since 2016, Kinseyco has provided women with a unique opportunity for economic empowerment. 

Colleen Kinsey, founder and CEO, chose to build a virtual team after traveling the world and working as a digital nomad. It was during this time that she learned how to effectively connect with clients online while she also learned about different cultures and developed an interest in working with women in technology. Today, Kinseyco’s employees come from the U.S., Belarus, India, Spain, and Malta.  

 Kinseyco’s team of digital experts specialize in everything from website psychology and UI/UX design to SEO and copywriting. The company aims to support businesses in ways that will enhance daily operations and overall productivity. “Communication is probably the biggest key to the success of working with anyone remotely. It’s definitely a challenge but, when done right, friendships and beautiful professional relationships can occur.”

Many of Kinseyco’s virtual employees were sourced from Upwork, a popular online platform for freelancers from all over the world. Of the hiring process Kinsey says, “It’s been a fun and interesting challenge because I get to learn about different cultures and people and get an insight into their lives.” She looks for people who share a similar work ethic; for example, women who are self-starters, extra communicative, and very detailed oriented. 

“An important quality of a remote employee is someone that is willing to work and doesn’t need the structure of an office space or a physical boss present to get the job done. A go-getter is key,” she says.

Tanya, an employee based in Belarus, chose to work as a virtual employee because it aligns with her desire to travel. “My dream demands being able to work remotely.” When asked what is the best part of working remotely, she says, “It’s about being able to stay connected wherever we are.”

Kinseyco creates opportunity

One way Colleen builds strong, professional relationships with her virtual employees is by offering flexible schedules and work hours. “What gets me out of bed every day is knowing that the projects Kinseyco is working on helps my employees support themselves and their families. By working with people and offering flexible schedules and work hours it creates more opportunities.” 

Kinseyco’s international clientele requires working within multiple time zones and using different programming languages. Colleen believes these challenges can only enhance the company. “We have definitely been able to grow because we have a larger staff that is knowledgeable and fluent in multiple programming languages and we have designers talented in different media. We have a larger talent pool than what’s in the physical vicinity.” 

Connecting offline

Colleen recently traveled to Minsk, Belarus to meet some of her team members in person. This was seen as an important step to further strengthen her relationship with her designers. Not every remote boss would fly halfway around the world to connect with his or her virtual employees, but Colleen is not a typical boss.

Says Tanya of their visit, “Meeting in person increased our trust and we shared a lot and learned a lot. This brought us even closer than before.”

About Kinseyco’s website packages

Your website journey begins when Kinseyco’s digital guides hone in on your target audience and discuss how to maximize your online exposure. This is an ideal opportunity to discuss ideas about software development and streamlining systems that seem too complex or out-of-reach.  

Personalized website packages may include strategies on how to generate higher revenue, boost brand recognition, improve social media or increase traffic. 

Upgrading to a professional website is guaranteed to impress clients, old and new. Kinseyco’s international designers use website psychology to determine the most appropriate way to attract customers. With the right graphic design, your brand will stand out among the competition and resonate with a wide audience. 

From their past digital adventures, the members of the Kinseyco team have learned that there is no one-size-fits-all website package. To remedy this, they offer add-on services that further tailor your messaging. 

For example, the Kinseyco experts can increase your digital presence by designing a mobile app for Android or iOS. In addition, they can improve the odds of potential customers finding your site in search engine results through SEO. 

In all cases,the Kinseyco experts specialize in creating unique user experiences that are simple, relatable, and reliable. The dedicated virtual team initiates beautiful customer interactions and ultimately helps businesses to operate more efficiently. “We do this by designing experiences that delight customers,” says Colleen. 

To get started on your digital journey, sign up for a free consultation call by filling out a brief online form at A team member will be in touch to discuss your project and explain in detail the Kinseyco mission and process.