About the project

Create a website that unites and strengthens the voice for public health in Iowa

About the customer

Iowa Public Health Association is a non-partisan, nonprofit membership organization of public health professionals and allies in Iowa. They inform the public, educate members, and influence policy-makers on matters critical to public health. IPHA are leaders in health equity and promote evidence-based decision-making.


The customer wanted to develop a platform that would connect public health leaders, partners, and allies while advancing a public health agenda for Iowans through education and advocacy.

The client’s database was stored in Wild Apricot (CRM), which is limited in design and in mobile responsiveness. The product should be supported and flexible for future updates.

Additionally, the site required member and non-member facing content. The content was not organized, so it was difficult for users to find what they needed. Also there was no way for members to collaborate online.


The delivered solution focused on simplifying the search processnetworking, and information on career promotional opportunities. We developed an intricate blog platform to sort the content into topics, allowing users to search and find articles based on subject. The section of the search was integrated with all website pages in titles. The results are shown as names of pages or exact articles in the popup list after finishing the search is completed. There are also more opportunities to promote the organization.

Wild Apricot was integrated without losing customer data. The Kinseyco team used rest API and React JS to enable the system. As a result, members can pay and view different content. By optimizing the design, we ensured the necessary level of dynamic routing, network monitoring, and download speed.

The development was carried out according to the latest standards
Industry On demand
Methodology Scrum
Engagement model Time and material
Team Fullstack developer 1, QA engineer 1, Designer 1, Project Manager 1
Technologies Php, Js, WordPress


The new site is averaging 3.5k page views per month and organic search traffic has skyrocketed to 900 new users per month and rising. It has extensive topic/resource pages with searchable content and easy-to-use front end management for office staff to upload articles. The process to become a member is also quicker.

Additionally, the Wild Apricot integration allows for member and non-member facing content to better manage communication.